Saturday, May 24, 2014


As I have posted in the past my high blood pressure problems and the difficulties trying to control and monitor it and I want to give an update.

Since my father passed away last week I started having some dizzy spells. I did not check it last week with everything going on. On Monday I checked it in the morning and it was normal. While at work I started having extreme dizzy spells almost to the point of passing out. I would grab walls or other support to keep from falling.

On Tuesday I checked in the morning and it was normal (I drink coffee and smoke cigs to wake up). I had more severe spells throughout the day.

On Wednesday it was normal again. I decided to take my monitor to work and took readings throughout the day when these spells hit. One reading was 91/53 and I was still low that evening and have discontinued my evening dose.

Thursday I called the Doc and made an appointment. Still low with the dizzy spells.

Friday the wife developed a kidney stone and I spent most of the day in the ER watching her cry and doubled over in pain until the morphine kicked in. I could not monitor but had one spell where the lights almost went out. Still low last night so I skipped meds again.

This morning I was 121/78 after not having meds for almost 24 hours. I see the Doc at 10:15 today and can give no reason for the drop in BP. This will be an interesting visit as we have worked so hard to get it down and all of a sudden I am bottoming out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 We lowered dad today who was the last.

He is buried next to his two brothers.

Robert (Uncle Kenny) fought in the Korean war as a Marine. He was the oldest and never spoke of his service to anyone.

Dad the middle of the boys also served during the Korean war but was assigned to Vietnam. He was a hydraulic mechanic in the Air Force assigned to the French to assist with B26 bombers on loan to the French before the US entered the war. Dad only shared a few memories that were pleasant.

J. D (Uncle Darrell) was the youngest and served in the Army with the tanks patrolling the German borders during the cold war. Uncle Darrell was more willing to share letting us know that the limp he had the rest of his life was from getting shot in butt while on top of a tank in an (classified) area they were never even close too. No purple heart and never a complaint from him.

I miss them all as they were true and stepped forward when needed. Are they patriots? If they were here and able I would like to think they would be III.  

We have been and are losing a heritage that should be Remembered, Honored and Emulated.

Very few of you know me and some have deleted me over time as I was less active. However I know that there are many out there just like me. To share the history may inspire others to look into their own family past (Brock understands this) and see the sacrifices and to understand what they were thinking and defending may help to understand who we are and what we stand for.

YES, I am III ! I am ready to die if needed in defending my country.

Thanks for listening as it has been an emotional day and feel free to re post or ignore rant.