Saturday, June 6, 2015

They tried to warn us... This was on TV back in 1981

I was twenty back then and had no clue about most everything but beer and weed!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hospital turned me over to collections!

I have been paying monthly what I can afford. Yes they called me and offered to set up payment plans but as I explained I do work on some commission and will pay what I can afford.

Because I was in the hospital several times, each visit is a different account and billed separately so I would get three or four bills from them a month.

Two accounts were paid off along with the doctors, x-ray, ambulance and specialists. I still owed $1,153.00 on the account in question. I made out a check for $1000.00 on Saturday and put it in the mail.

The postman took all my mail (paid Bills) and left me two more. One from the Hospital for another account $1,240.00 and one from the collection agency for the $1,153.00.

I guess that since everyone now has wonderful (Free) healthcare we need to save up our annual deductibles for each member of our family covered.

I have paid the Hospital something ($200 - $800 per month) with all the other medical bills and I still go to collections.

The next time they call I will take the offer of a structured payment plan and start the discussion at $10.00 a month.

Most of us cannot pay $4,000.00 - $6,000.00 in one or four months.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Problems, Problems

Woke up at 2am Saturday back in Atrial Fib. 

Weather has slammed us this week with record breaking cold tonight.

Scheduled for cardioversion again in the morning, wish me luck.

Will keep yall posted.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The cardioversion is still holding, I have not gone back into atrial fib. I have been working my but off to try to pay the medical bills Ambulance ride alone was $500, even though I have insurance it is still costing me upwards of 3k.

 I have been here every day watching everything but not posting much as others post on the same topics and opinions. I like some others have been quietly prepping as we can. Although we may not be able to step off of the porch so to speak we will do as we can to protect what is important. There are many of us who know we cannot train for what is coming but will be useful when it arrives. 

 I am still on blood thinner and take a hand-full of pills twice a day but I am feeling better. I wish everyone the best in their endeavors until my next post.