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Larry was a guy I met while in electronics school. We were in the same class and went on breaks at the same time every day. We would both end up in the smoking area outside the building and a friendship started.

Larry and I came from different backgrounds however we were both trying to better ourselves. The electronics school was eight in the morning till noon which allowed us to work to provide for our living expenses. Most of us were getting Pell Grants for the school but we still had to live and eat as well.

Larry and I became friends and would often study together after school when we were not working. Often these sessions would be in the break room at school or at either of our apartments. Often after the sessions we would have a couple of beers and a shot or two. During one of these sessions Larry stated he needed a new job.
I was working at Sam's Club full time and put in a good word for him after convincing him to apply.

Larry started out in the tire shop (and ended up running it until we graduated) and our friendship was solidified. Larry was a hard worker and I respected him.

After a while Larry got a friend of his hired from our school who was in a different class. I did not know him well and he seamed to stay to himself. 

One day Larry came up to me after class as I was getting into my truck and asked to borrow ten bucks for gas so I gave him some money. After work a day or two later Larry and I grabbed a few beers. Larry asked me if I remembered loaning him the money, thanking me and handing me the $20 I had loaned him. I said Yeah no problem bud.

Larry then described the details of that day to me. Larry was sitting in his friends car (The one that he got hired from our school) and they were planning their afternoon when Larry saw me walking to my truck and told his friend to wait while he went to me to see if he could borrow ten bucks. His friend stated "That Honkey aint going to give you shit! Don't waste your time!

Larry stated to me that he had a lot of fun with his friend when he went back to his friends car and he was asked if he got the ten bucks he stated in a low voice "no". When his friend started to laugh at him and call him a dumb nigger he drew the $20 bill I gave him up to his friends face and said said this was the lowest bill he had to give me!

Because I am a white male I am considered racist. Both Larry and his friend are black. Larry's friend was actually the racist and still is.  

I have more stories with Larry and may share in the future however the point of this story is many white males are not inherently or genetically racist as the left would have you believe. I for one am getting very tired of being labeled.

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