Monday, August 30, 2010

I hate me!

After this "Administration" forced the necessity of eliminating my position from a company I LOVED I have been forced to suckle the teat of of government I.E. the American Taxpayer. Believe me this sucks big-time and I am now going through my retirement savings to survive. I feel bad for my former employer who has to foot part of the bill and the American public who is footing the rest of the bill. I want to work but there are no JOBS!

I will spend the majority of my retirement savings on supplies and ammunition as I believe the situation will not change until more people come back to God and the founding principles of this nation. I am a good man who has done more to help others at the expense of myself than anyone I know. Now is the time to prepare to save myself and my wife (and Mother In Law whom I have also supported for years). Garden will be planted, and rain barrels and other measures installed to lessen the impact of the coming troubles.

I apologize for taking the unemployment benefits but I have no choice thanks to the "Administration" that has currently destroyed our economy. This is the first time in my life I have ever been unemployed for more than a week and at 48 years old that is something to be proud of. However I wish to extend my apologies to the rest of you footing the bill (I hate this but have no choice!).

I will trust GOD to get us all through this mess!

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