Sunday, February 27, 2011

A curious conversation!

So after I left the gun show yesterday (yes I got my sling, 2 five round magazines, 2 thirty round magazines, a couple of mag couplers and a handy tool for the Delta Ring on the AR) I was at the grocery getting soda and some stuff for dinner when my brother in law called me.

The reason he did not go to the show with me yesterday was he was already signed up for a CCDW class. He called and told me of his experience for the first day and I was surprised. He said that over half of the conceal carry class were 60-70 year old singles and couples. He said most of the class had never fired and weapon and did not own one. He also stated that the class was extended by about an hour because it went off topic on political discussions. Most of the class were taking it for self/home defense.

 I am puzzled;

  • why so many seniors?
  • why are so many that have never fired a weapon applying for CCDW instead of firearms training?
  • why a CCDW for home protection as it is legal to own firearm here without it?
  • why all the political discussion?
I will have to talk to him again after the class today.

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