Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on 5 gallon buckets!

I found and purchased four 5 gallon buckets for water storage this week at Lowe's. They are not white but they were cheap. They are gray with the Lowe's  logo in blue on the side made by a company called Encore and are stamped HDPE 2. The company website says all their products with one exception are food grade (This is not the exception). You can find them on the Lowe's Website here lids are sold separately for a total of $4.06 per bucket. At this price I will add several a week and use the previous video below to treat and store drinking water. The buckets are also stack-able and will go in a corner of my basement.

 Also I picked up the chlorine test kit in pool supply section at Walmart on sale for less than $5 so I am all set. It has been a good week with this and the 9mm ammo purchased.

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