Saturday, May 21, 2011

Knob Creek Range

Today I went to KCR with my brother in law and had a good time. We got there early as it gets crowded mid morning and he bought a new 9mm concealed carry handgun. I took my new tactical vest fully loaded with AR-15 and 9mm clips with a holster for the 9mm. The vest worked out extremely well saving time carrying all the stuff in as most of the ammunition and the handgun were carried in the vest. The AR had a new shoulder strap (that I bought at the Gun Show) that let it rest on my right hip allowing me to easily carry my range bag with one hand free. This worked out very well as planned and I was extremely pleased with the arrangement.

I was very pleased with the AR-15 and 9mm hits on target. The AR continues to impress me and I am still in love with this weapon (DPMS). The 9mm EAA 9mm is the best fit to my hand size that I have found and I am amazed at the accuracy that I can have with this weapon. 

I bought a snub nosed .38 special last week that I was disappointed in. I did not hit the target anywhere near what I was aiming at (25 yards) as I could with thr 4-inch barrel model 67 that I use. I have decided that this will be a close in only weapon and a give away to law enforcement if they come to my house for weapons.
 Sunday I need to (weather allowing) take the guns out in the backyard and give them a thorough cleaning.  I hope the neighbors are still asleep or not paying attention when I clean them.

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