Monday, October 31, 2011

Last weeks preps

As I was out of town all week there was nothing that I did around the home-front. All I managed to do was gather some items from the hotel I was staying at;
  • plastic combs wrapped in plastic in a cardboard sleeve
  • Facial soap wrapped in paper
  • Mouth wash  in small plastic bottles
  • Bath soap wrapped in paper
  • Packages of stir sticks, creamer & sugar (I drink my coffee straight)
  • Small bottles of lotion, shampoo & body wash
  • Matches
  • Sewing kits
  • Pillow chocolates
I took these items from this "5 star" hotel as they were supplied daily and part of the exorbitant room rate my employer paid. Also they charged me $13 a day for wireless internet on the days I used it (Hampton is cheaper and gives you free internet and breakfast) and $8 for a Budweiser out of the min-bar.

 These items will be packaged as give a ways to neighbors and friends/family that are not prepping as I can leave them anonymously for those who smell and look the worst thereby improving my interaction with them (They will feel better about themselves and my olfactory senses will benefit).

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