Thursday, December 15, 2011

1/12 Global Warming - What the Government isn't telling you 1/12

Scary as hell if it is true! I do not know if you have seen this before as I had not. A friend sent it to me this week and I have watched the entire series which is from 2008. Some of the things they talk about have already come to pass.

It does seem to answer some questions though;
  1. Why is the government unconcerned about debt.
  2. Why is the government not spending money to develop our own oil and gas.
  3. FEMA camps?
  4. Defense bill and martial law?
  5. The Obama's and congress critters spending and partying like nothing else matters that much.
  6. Mostly silence from the Bush family about this country.
  7. Our foreign policy (or lack of).
  8. Iran (they do not know)
  9. Israel (they know)
  10. More if I dwell on it which I will not since I am broke and have no control over it anyway.

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