Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Pistachios

For many years now I have purchased Pistachios once a year during "CHRISTMAS" for those "troops" under me when I was still in security management and for myself as I find them intoxicating and addictive. Normally a product of IRAN I ensure that I buy only those grown in Kaliforinia (still part of America for the time being). I only buy them once a year and this year they have been the most expensive. This is a tradition of sorts for those I have worked with (some not here anymore) and the memory of adding a little something different in your life during this holiday. Tonight I am honoring those I have enjoyed this tradition with in the past, whether they be on this world or in another place entirely, and those with the same spirit of freedom of thought and justified action as once made this country great.

 So tonight I am eating these addictive friggin nuts drinking some beer and relaxing while watching a John Wayne movie fest. Got a problem with that?

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