Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Concealed Carry

 I have had a concealed carry permit for almost five years. I have never felt the need to carry daily, only if a perceived potential problem arose and only for short periods. I have not carried for three years until recently. After getting the Taurus Slim last month I also got an IWB holster and have been carrying when not at work.

 Since last summer I have increasingly run into individuals while out in normal everyday areas that had no respect for others (or themselves) to the point of displaying aggressive tendencies.  I used to teach non-violent crisis intervention and I know that none of these techniques would have worked with these individuals. There was no team to back me up if anything escalated. Fortunately I know when to get out/away and have been able to do this so far. As months have passed I have observed that this may not always be the case even remaining aware of my surroundings when out in public I feel that this may not be enough much longer.

 During the holidays when the supermarket was closed I went to the convenience store around the corner. There were a group of individuals inside that made me very wary by their foul language, talking of their baby mamas and other activities as well as the fact that the waistbands of their pants were around their thighs reinforced my resolve.

 From now on I will be carrying when not at work. While at work it will be secured in my vehicle. It is my extreme wish to be left the hell alone and to go about my business, however this is increasingly becoming less possible. 

Right to Carry - Animated Graphic

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  1. I only got my permit a 6 years ago and only carried sporadically until I read more and more accounts of sh*t happening randomly at any time any where. Now my gun is in my pocket or on my hip, or in reach as often as possible. I still avoid bad areas and am not really in an ethnically diverse area... yet. Thank god.