Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food for thought

 New Years Eve has always been fairly quiet in this neighborhood. In years past at midnight there were the occasional yelling, banging of pots and pans, fireworks and maybe a gunshot or two. This year there was no yelling, no banging of pans, a few fireworks and a LOT of gunfire. Some was even semi auto although all were small arms fire. The wife even commented on it and I told her we could do some too! Which earned me a scowl from her until I stated I had some bottle rockets in the basement. I do not fire weapons to just make noise!

I considered going outside to determine type and location of the gunfire then thought better and stayed inside. The conclusions I have drawn from this are;
  1. There are a lot more weapons in this older neighborhood than I thought
  2. The "neighbors" do not understand OPSEC
  3. This year did not FEEL as happy as last year as the tone was gunfire and noise (no cheer)
  4. I should feel better that my area is better armed as it is solid middle class
  5. I do not feel BETTER about it!

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