Monday, January 23, 2012


Every day we see them less and less. Some are getting very Furious at what they see as an over reaching government hell bent on controlling every aspect of their lives to the point of subjugation. Many are mad at the government and blame it for the evils that have brought about this "Recession".

 What has been allowed to happen in this country is because WE THE PEOPLE allowed it to happen. Men have taken advantage of the system of government from within to our detriment. We have been asleep at the wheel for far to long and the vehicle is about to leave the pavement. Injuries will result and survivors will dust themselves off.

 Today Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky was detained requested to wait by the TSA while trying to get to Washington. Think what you will about his father however this man has the right of it, we are being subjected to indignities that Americans should not have to go through. There are other ways to secure travel without pat-downs and humiliations.

  Is this a plot or conspiracy by a person or persons to destroy our nation? I do not know. What I do know is that we are being pushed to far. Lies, power grabs, criminal actions and the systematic destruction of our Constitution is increasing daily.

 More Americans are are waking from their slumber and realizing what is going on. This great nation has been a sleeping giant. The snores have stopped and restlessness abounds. The people are what makes this nation great and we are resilient. Beware the waking giant for when the common cause is great enough they will redress their grievances. What they refer to as flyover country (that between the airports of New York, the Beltway and Kalifornia) is where America's heartland is and it is strong indeed when united by kin and cause. We are not as separated as they believe when we have faith, principles and the conviction of our beliefs in God and Country.

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