Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kentucky CCDW

 In Kentucky the concealed carry law is the CCDW (Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons). I obtained my original on 4/11/2007 and it expires 4/11/2012. So today I went to the Sheriff's office and turned in my paperwork and made out a check to the Sheriff and one to the state police. They issued me a receipt and told me that the state would notify me by mail when to return to the Sheriff to pick up my new card. 

 I guess they have to run me through the database to see if I have committed a crime or been accused of domestic violence since 2007. No problem as this is a good thing but it seems like they could do this at the Sheriff's office with today's Fusion Centers and networks they could have all my info in minutes. 

 State laws have not changed to keep up with the technology or is it that the state lawmakers do not understand how much information is compiled on citizens and how easy & fast it can be made available through the efforts of the last two presidents.

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