Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unlucky SOB scores!

I guess I was a good neighbor! One day last week I got home from work and our neighbor was in the driveway (His wife had recently passed so we have been keeping tabs on him). He likes his beer as I do and we have tried not to disturb each other over the years but mostly kept to ourselves and were friendly during our encounters. He is a Vietnam Vet with his own demons but harmless and mostly likable and we felt sorry for him so tried to help as we could. As I got out of my vehicle we started talking and he stated that he would be moving and selling the house and I stated that we would be sad to see him go but understood.

 Today when I got home I saw that he he had removed the solar panels from his roof. He came out to greet me as I got out of the car and informed me that the panels were now leaning against my gate and handed me the charge controllers. The batteries were at the back of his driveway, he said that they were dead and that I should take them on my next aluminum can run to the recycle center for additional cash. He stated that he had seen the panels I have for my shed and figured I would put them to better use than the new occupant. I thanked him for the gift and offered to help him move out if he needs the physical labor.

We will see if he takes me up on the offer however I just scored some 15 watt panels and two charge controllers and probably $20 bucks for the batteries at ZERO COST. Every once in a while an unlucky SOB scores! I know it aint a lot for most folks but I WILL put them to good use and I do appreciate the gift.

Thank You Victor!

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