Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good news this morning!

 As long time readers know I was out of work for two years after losing my job in Columbus. I could not find work there or sell my house and ended up moving back to Kentucky. I signed a lease purchase agreement on the house with a young military family last April. Within three weeks of moving back home I was employed again (at 2/3 the salary of the job in Columbus) and able to pay the bills again as my retirement was all but gone. During this time I developed hypertension and almost stroked out before going to a doctor. 

I moved back in my house in Louisville (I moved my mother in law into it rent free when we bought the house in Columbus) as I had made both mortgage payments for four years. K and I lived in the basement until the mother in law moved out late last year.The hypertension is now under control through twice daily meds and next month will be one full year of gainful employment.

 This morning I received an email from the realtor and the family is starting the financing process to purchase my house in Columbus hoping to close in April or May. The housing market is still very bad but the lease agreement locked my loss in at 20k. If I tried to sell today it would be worse. I have worried about the double mortgages if this did not go through and have feared foreclosure and bankruptcy. I still own the house here in Kentucky and, unlike the house in Columbus, I owe less than I could sell it for now.

 This news should help my blood pressure and allow me to better concentrate on more immediate needs and preps. Work is going well so far as we are very busy and it looks like I will have an opportunity to generate some good commissions. I doubt I have time to find and purchase some rural property however the option will now be a possibility after this sale.

Thank you LORD for watching over this wretched working stiff that wants only to earn his own way, pay his own bills and be left alone to prosper or fail on his own merits.


  1. Congratulations! Sure wish I could have sold our old house. Oh well, at least I'm in Texas where the bank can't really come after me.

  2. Thank you both!

    Craig I understand completely and feel your pain, I may yet face what you have endured as they have not secured financing yet.