Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making The Sale

 The sales process is like trying to get a cat to like you. First you have to prove you are not a threat to them or out to trap/harm them and that you only want to assist them in securing their needs and desires. Then you have to figure out where they itch or like/need to be rubbed. Once you find that spot it must be scratched/stroked/rubbed in the fashion that produces the desired effect. You must be very careful to to produce only the exact amount of pressure/stimulation or you risk the claws and teeth coming out. This insight as a cat owner has helped me succeed in various markets with both male and female felines as well as male and female decision makers in the purchasing process.

 I think that this aspect of feline and human behavior can cross many lines and be useful to those that can understand and implement the delicacies of this art form.  Most of it entails listening/observation skills and the inept ability to apply the appropriate response based on the factors demonstrated from the subject.

 This skill can be invaluable for post TEOTWAWKI in barter situations as well as sensing the claws/bullets coming out. Just an honest thought/observation based on working my ass off to make a buck so I can feed me and mine.

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  1. I'm in trouble then. Couldn't sell a bottle of water to a millionaire who'd been lost in the Sahara for a week...