Sunday, March 18, 2012

Read This Slowly. It is Obama making his move.

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 17, AD 2012 6:37 PM MST
This executive order, published on the White House website yesterday, gives the Obama regime power to take over . . . pretty much EVERYTHING, including agriculture, labor, energy, transportation (both interstate and intrastate) and commerce IN PEACETIME and NON-EMERGENCY conditions. Read it. Just commit a half hour and read the damn thing.


Update: HT/ Brock

“National Defense Resources Preparedness” executive order: Power grab or mere update?


  1. Thanks and reposted... scary times are coming.

  2. I drank to much yesterday and was not going to drink today however after reading this I am going to take a shot with my coffee to calm down while I order some more ammo.

  3. Thanks Brock! My BP is coming down now.