Saturday, March 17, 2012

So as I was taking K to get her hair trimmed.

We were driving in the car and she stated that OBAMA (whom she voted for) was the anti-Christ! For those of you who do not know K is half blind and I do all the driving as she has not been able to drive for years.

 For a little background she has not forgiven me (so far) for bitching at her for cancelling out my vote. I voted for McCain hoping for a heart attack along about February. We have not talked politics much since as it led to problems with her and her staunchly democrat (because that was the way she was raised) MSM worshiping mother who lived with us for a while. She has made a few statements since then as the Hope & Change Kool-Aid wore off slowly over time however I have considered it bait to another argument and never responded.

Back to the car, after her statement I said nothing. She continued stating that there is Evil and Good forces fighting for control of this country and that HE is the devil incarnate and is trying to destroy things. And HE WAS NOT BORN IN THIS COUNTRY!

 It was sunny outside and the Bradford Pear trees lining the street were in full bloom as I looked over at her and said "Happy St. Patrick's Day!".


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