Monday, April 2, 2012

A Chinese curse upon us all!

"May you live in interesting times!" 

Obama takes a shot at Supreme Court over healthcare


Why is he shooting at "the Un-Elected Justices"? 


Lawmakers target gun laws, neighborhood watch in wake of Florida teen shooting


 Many shootings and murders happen every week with another today in Kalifornia.  Why is one teen more important than all the others that have been killed? Why NOW? What is the underlying motivation for these actions? Could it be fear?


 I believe that this is the case. The distractions are not working as intended. The majority of the American public is against Obamacare and believe it unconstitutional. Many are starting to take a look at what has been going on with what our government has been doing.


 Today my Boss concerned me with his comments. At various times throughout the day today he has made statements regarding SHTF, shootings, preparedness and other references. He knows some of my views as I have asked to have a large dehydrated food order shipped to work (for OPSEC reasons) and he agreed to let me do this. He knows he will not sound like a nutjob with me however when I questioned him about the multiple comments today he stated "I'm sorry, I just don't know what to think with everything that is going on".


 My boss and his wife are small business owners who bust their asses to see that we remain employed and despite the economy they have had some success. This year they paid profit sharing for the first time in (I believe) three years and they even hired additional personnel within the last few months as we have been busy enough to justify the expense.


My conclusion today is that he either found this blog and knows more about me than I have realized or as many concerned Americans he has actually taken the time to try to understand the actions by looking at the causes and effects in total. I believe the later to be the case as I have had few indications of an ISP in Louisville hitting my blog (a few trusted family members is all). Also he is a very astute individual as I have learned over the last year actually 51 weeks as next week will mark my first year of getting off of the government dole (Funemployment).


Are any of you noticing the same sentiments being displayed by co-workers, family, friends or maybe the guy on the next bar-stool?




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