Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can You Feel It?

"There is no firm agreement among neurologists as to the number of senses because of differing definitions of what constitutes a sense. One definition states that an exteroceptive sense is a faculty by which outside stimuli are perceived."

Yes Craig I feel it as well as see it in others throughout my day. If I listen hard enough I can even hear it.

Can You Feel It?

Let us hope the "feeling" leads the other senses such as sight and hearing to kick in! I can only hope that all the stimuli lead more people's brains to sort and filter (IE Think). Time is growing short for preparations.

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  1. Can hear it, smell it, and almost taste it in the wind. Gotta fish hard and fast to rebuild my preps which have been depleted by the "financial recovery". That, and I am lacking in "field gear", which I think we'll be needing by this fall. Damn shame, I would love to spend the rest of my days just fishing commercially...