Saturday, May 5, 2012

Of Patcoms and fence sitting

 I have seen the direction this country has been taking since my "awakening" two years ago. I did not realize how much we as American citizens have lost given away.

 In my search for the truth of our government I saw the need to prepare for what is coming. I started my journey into Hard Times Preparedness and shortly after this blog. In my searches for supplies and material for posts I ran across like minded people/blogs. I am not a wordsmith and rarely posted the substance of my thoughts however when I did I found that there are a lot of good people out there with a common interest. Namely "Just leave me alone" and do not mess with my Liberties.

 During this time the Government has become increasingly hostile to the American people. Destroying more liberties for their own power and using the state educated non thinkers as tools to further their agenda. During this time also I found Kerodin's site and whole heartily agreed  with the basic principles of the III. I am a Non-Violent person who knows without a doubt in hell that violence is coming to me anyway. We cannot avoid it now.

 With the start of the PatCom(n)s  I have watched with great interest. I enjoyed the reports from the first Texas Patcom and climbed up on the fence. I reached out to a few that attended for a few brief emails and comments and I was encouraged. So much so that I donated to the next one and even sent travel money to another. I received encouragement to go to one from several folks. Commenting on one blog I even used my full name which when Googled would provide way to much information about me than I am usually comfortable with. I have been reaching out my hand.

 With the most recent Patcom I awaited reports. When they started arriving the talk including recruiting and how best to accomplish this task of reaching out to like minded individuals. I posted comments on several blogs with my ID linked to this blog. One blog I posted earned me a hate filled response for not being there or understanding fully the conversation. So much for trying to give the fence sitters view, I chalked this up to lack of information and stepped out of the conversation. I then received some emotion filled disturbing comments on this blog (Do not bother looking as I moderate them and  never let anger, excessive profanity or spam be published). Needless to say I fell back on my side of the fence and my hand went back in my pocket.

 I could not give a rats behind about a few comments and took no offense nor considered them long. What got me thinking was that you really know only a few friends/family that you would trust with your life. And you never really know going into unfamiliar territory with unknown persons exactly what is going on. I have avoided a lot of trouble in my life by staying away from activities with a medium-high potential for problems. I have spent most of my life earning a living by being suspicious and looking for problems before they happen. I cannot change this now.

 I know there are a lot of good people out there however I will stay put here and do what I can. I will not meet with a group of people far away whom I do not know and therefore will not attend a Patcom. If anyone comes to my AO I will gladly meet for coffee or lunch and would welcome the chance. If the SHTF most of these folks would be to far to reach out to much less communicate with. So for the time being I will continue as before and try to find tribe locally.


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  2. Matt, what is funny as hell as they appear to be as suspicious of me for my civilian security background as I am of them because of the same.
    Oh well my decision is made.