Thursday, May 10, 2012


So I get home from work today and changed clothes. Before I could get started doing what I had planned I had to run back out and get K some fast food as she has not been feeling well. After that chore I got the riding mower out and was cutting the front yard when I thought something was wrong with the mower as it started getting really loud.

 At the last second I looked up to see a military helicopter flying very low swoop past the property. This unnerved me and I kept scanning the sky as I finished with the lawn. After finishing and putting up the mower I grabbed a beer and went to the neighbors a few doors down. When I inquired about the helicopter they informed me that it was a Black-hawk. One neighbor also stated he had seen one over New Albany across the river yesterday.

 Now let me explain that we have two military bases in Kentucky, Fort Knox and Fort Campbell. The Air National Guard is also based in Louisville. I have been on both Army bases and I know where they are located. We often see military aircraft here however they are usually very "High" up. This aircraft could not have been more than 500' off of the ground when it went by.

 My Grandparents bought this house in 1977 and I was a frequent guest (as we only lived about a half mile away) as I was growing up. I bought this house from their estate after they passed in 1993. In all this time I cannot remember this ever happening here. The aircraft was traveling in a direction that was not toward or away from one of the bases or the airport. The aircraft was black in color and had "wings" on the sides that were empty of armaments. It looked more like this Apache than this Black Hawk

 What ended up concerning me more is that the neighbors were unconcerned and thought it was "cool". I planted a few seeds with them however I doubt they will sprout without more to get them thinking.

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