Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This weeks Past Months Preps. Yes I have not stopped! Garden is in and I have been buying at an accelerated pace. I am not showing pics or descriptions any longer due to OPSEC and my distrust of TPTB. I have shit buried around and neighbors storing some items for me (or them if I get shot or taken off). I have been trying to gather supplies for the coming storms and to me it does not matter if I or those I care about benefit from this.  I have been extremely busy at work and we are doing well (Must be GOD helping) so I have been getting what I can in preparation.

 This is not one of my usual posts as you can tell however I got a little shine stocked and decided to try it out (This is Kentucky after all). What scares me the most is that things seem to be coming together for me again, I have been able to help fellow bloggers (They know who they are) as well as gather supplies. Usually in my life this means that the storm that screws me is close. I hope that I survive this round with my principles and conscience in tact, if not maybe just to survive is enough.

K and I  have our 19th anniversary this weekend and I plan on taking her to a nice restaurant as it may be the last time we get to celebrate in such a manner. I wish you all well and remind you to enjoy what you can while you can.

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  1. Congrats on 19 years! :)

    I'm also gathering and packing, my bones are talking to me, if you know what I mean in the old sense of the phrase. Best wishes to you and yours, be safe.