Saturday, July 7, 2012

I am a hot lucky SOB!

A/C repair technician just left. A/C is now running again after the guy did not show up till 8 pm as it took longer to fix the customers in line before us. The starting capacitor on the outside unit was bad and he replaced it, BAM it started right up. Should only take a day now to cool this house down to normal. 

For those of you wondering yes K's nitrous wore of and about a half hour before he got here I was on the receiving end of a major bitching out (It is always my fault). I will probably get more earfuls before she falls asleep, however I plan on sleeping in the basement tonight (cooler & quieter that way).

Best lucky SOB news is that the unit was still under warranty and did not cost me a frigging cent for parts or labor. Repair dudes right guard left a long time before he got here but I was happy to persevere considering the outcome.

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  1. Those cost less than $50 and are easy to change out. I keep a spare on hand.

    Easiest way to tell if it's bad is if it looks swelled or bulging.

    Save some $$$ on a service call.