Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's official I am screwed

The doctor I go to I have known and worked with for about 30 years. I trust him and we are honest with each other and are comfortable joking around with each other as we worked together in at least two hospitals over the years.

 I have been having night sweats again along with fatigue and sinus pressure and knew that my blood pressure was spiking. I starting taking readings every day last week to give him an idea of what was going on and had a long discussion with him. Number one medication was at maximum dosage and he thought number two medication was also at max. I reminded him that it was not as I talked him out of it last year. He asked me why I did that and I told him that I do not want to be on a bunch of medication.

 Doc laughs and says "you have to face the fact that you will be on medication the rest of your life". Doc then taps a finger to his head and stated that "without meds a little vessel up here is going to explode and that will be the end ". I tried not to show that to me this was a death sentence knowing what is coming down the road. My days are now numbered by the amount of pills that I can obtain.

 The exam continued and he ordered blood work and chest X-Rays and I was taken to his lab. After all of this was completed I was taken back to his office where he read the X-Rays and stated that they were fine. He said that the blood work would be sent out with results due on Thursday. One of the tests he told me he ordered because I am now 50 was for prostate cancer. He said that this test is only about 70% conclusive but could be increased to 90% by combining with a finger exam. I stated that "I respectfully decline at this time" thinking that I have already been fucked once this afternoon. He laughed and called me a chicken instructing me to take maximum dose of both meds and to call in readings for the next week. He also stated that it is highly likely that he will add a third medication.


  1. That sucks... Have you looked into any natural remedies?

    1. Yes, lower salt intake (I have not touched a salt shaker in years)and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables high in potassium. Give up caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

      I drink maybe three sodas a year so no problem there, several cups of coffee in the morning, 2+ quarts of water during the day and beer in the evening. I can do without the salt (except bacon) with no problems, the rest are more problematic for me but smoking will be axed soon. I will if forced give up the coffee before the alcohol.

      Interesting enough today my BP started bottoming out (68/52 was lowest, I had been running over 140/90) and I had to drink a Mello Yellow and go outside to smoke to get it back up. Called Doc and he said "whoops that's lower than I wanted, go back to what you were taking and do not increase this med any more".