Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just my luck

Woke up at 1am this morning because it was WARM. Air conditioning is out and forecast for here is for 106 degrees today. K has a dental appt. at 10am that I have to get her to. This is the first week of vacation I have taken in a long time and it is starting off this bad on the first day. Probably going to cost me a bundle of cash to get it fixed too. If I can get anyone here to fix it with all the hot weather we have been having.

Update: Got K to dentist and back. Company called and said repair technician would be here between 3 - 6 pm. Got fans going in the house, all windows darkened and K changed into birthday suit after dentist so it is not all bad. Funny having a naked wife drooling and spitting in a cup after a nitrous oxide treatment sounds when she is trying to talk to me. At least she is not bitching about the heat.

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