Friday, August 10, 2012

A Breakthrough

 As I told Dio and Brock I was working on LOCAL, specifically my neighborhood. Tonight I had a breakthrough! I went to a neighbors house for an association meeting (code word for beer and bullshit around a ping pong table in his driveway). During this time I overheard Kevin stating that a customer known to him through church and family for many years had stiffed him on a job. Kevin lost his real job sometime back and has been working odd jobs on his own to make ends meet. I have had Kevin help me with a few things around here and paid him in beer and shine. 

 Kevin is a good person and was extremely upset that he was treated this way by someone he thought was as honorable as he. After listening in front of others I went back home and grabbed one roll of fives from my emergency stash (10 - $5 bills rolled up with a rubber band around them). I went back down the street and waited for him to finish a game he was playing. I pulled him off to the side down the driveway and asked him to let me help by offering the roll to him. He promptly thanked me but refused. We then had a conversation about family and people who should treat you right but do not. I put the roll back in my pocket as the discussion proceeded to continue to moral values and character. After a few minutes I let him off the hook and went back home to check on the wife and take a shot of my favorite liquor.

 When I went back Kevin was in a very heated argument with another neighbor about guns and preparing for what is going to come. I was shocked and listened for a few minutes without comment. Our neighbor was adamant on his non violent views stating if that happens I have a baseball bat and if they have guns I will be gone and so be it. I spoke in at this point and asked what if there are six of them wanting to ransack your house and rape your teenage daughter?   Kevin chimed in stating you need a gun and you need to teach your kids how to use them for what is going to come. The neighbor jumped up stating OK I see that you two are in coercion and I am odd man out. When is this going to happen and what will it be? We both in unison (almost) stated we do not know but it WILL happen and in the near future!

 In front of neighbor I looked at Kevin and asked "Have you and I ever had a discussion on this topic?" Kevin stated NO but it is going to happen as everything is falling apart and it IS going to get very bad!  I looked neighbor in the eye and stated "I have guns and will protect your daughter if I can when you are dead!".

 I was totally taken aback by the fact that this conversation had even started and Kevin's view on this. I asked him where he was getting this information. Kevin does not surf the net or news or blogs and I was amazed by the fact that he saw this based on the fact of personal observations alone. Neighbor listened and stated "You guys are scarring the shit out me" and walked off shortly thereafter.

 Kevin and I continued the conversation about sheltering in place during the turmoil verses heading to the woods as he is planning. I told him he is not alone and there are a growing number of us willing to help like minded individuals. I told him of a limited amount of my preps and that when it happens I will help if I can but we will ALL need to help each other to survive. Kevin does not have any guns (although he sees the need) or any preps at this time or the means to acquire them quickly.

 However Kevin has skills that I lack and I have skills and knowledge that he lacks. He is honest as am I and stated to me if I come to your door be assured that I really need help and anyone with me I trust completely or I would not bring them! Please let me speak before blasting us! I assured him that as of this point we are cool and he will be allowed the courtesy he deserves.

 I told him it was getting late for me and I needed to get home however we will continue the conversation later.


  1. You need to have a conversation about OPSEC with him though so that his discussion doesn't some day result in YOUR home being invaded (including by the LEO's)

    It's all well and good to help others who aren't as prepared as some of us are, but some of these folks will turn you and Kevin in, in a heartbeat if they think it will help them

  2. I'm glad to see some folks are waking up even without the benefit of the interwebs. It takes a perceptive person to see the forest for the trees. Unfortunately most folks aren't very perceptive. In fact I classify most as "barely conscious"...

  3. Matt, good advice and I stated this to him thus is comment about "blasting us". However I will reinforce this in future conversations.

    Craig, I was very surprised by this and happy as Kevin (I thought) is a live life for the moment type of individual as is his older brother Bobby whom I initially approached. They are both good people however Kevin seems to be a LOT more intuitive.