Saturday, August 18, 2012


Doc has been trying to get my BP into his "comfort" zone in the last month or so. First he increased one of my medicines Clonidine which caused my BP to plummet to pass out levels. Then he put me on a water pill Indapamide which after a week resulted in some serious side effects including extreme dizziness and weakness. Three weeks ago he put me on methydopa and after almost two weeks I developed a severe case of diarrhea which started slowly last Saturday. Last Monday I went back in to Doc's office after work to have blood drawn again as he told me too (Medication can effect kidney and liver functions). I was not feeling well and it got worse that evening so I stopped taking the methydopa. I was on the toilet most of that night and had to email in sick the next day. Wednesday I went back to work as I had not eaten and was hoping I could at least get a half day in. I made it the whole day and put in 10 hours. I have felt a little better progressively as the week went on. Yesterday I made a turd for the first time in a week and felt really good. Doc has been on vacation this week so I did not get the results of Monday's blood draw and could not get in to see him. I have not taken any of the new med since Monday suspecting a reaction but it may have been a virus. I have an appointment Monday afternoon and will learn more then with the lab results and consultation.

Last night I talked to Kevin again. His brother Bobby caught me as soon as I pulled in the driveway from work and invited me over later. After changing clothes and relaxing a bit I walked two doors down to their house and had a beer with Bobby and Dan. Dan was the neighbor across the street that I told I would protect his daughter if I could. Kevin pulled in the driveway while we were there and after a minute left again before getting out. He returned 15 minutes later and walked up to me handing me $50 and a 12 pack of my beer. I offered him the roll one last time before going home last week and he accepted so he was returning the debt with interest.

I was able to pull Kevin off to the side and talked to him about OPSEC which went well. A little while after the talk between the four of us turned to guns. Dan who previously revealed that he had a .22 rifle but no bullets revealed that he actually does have some in the house for it. Kevin had gone shooting during the week at a free spot he has access to and they shot his friends AR, shotgun and .22 handgun. Kevin again lamented on the fact that he was weaponless as he highly enjoyed the experience. I asked him if he wanted a .22 rifle as I had an old Glenfield that belonged to my uncle before he died (It is heavy with wood stock and tube fed which takes to long to reload) and I have a 10/22 that I prefer. I ended up walking back to my house and retrieving it with some oil and solvent and taking them to him. The discussion turned to all of us planning a shooting session at his free location (yes even Dan was enthusiastic). I think that we will probably do this soon as everyone was interested in participating.

 I showed Kevin how the safety on the weapon worked, how to adjust the Tasco scope and talked to him about cleaning care and maintenance. Dan asked if I would be willing to bring my cleaning kit down there one day and help them clean and oil their rifles. I responded hell no you gun crazy sob that I would be happy to oblige. I told Kevin that I would bring him a hundred rounds when we were not drinking beer and he stated again from last week that you are only one of ten people I can trust and can rely on. I replied you are a lucky man because you just made my list of two.

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