Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today is the exact day that I am over a half century old. I have seen and heard a lot in 50 years. In my time I have never seen this country more divided and set against each other. It is my birthday wish that we can actually listen to each other and respect that we all have differences and just try to enjoy each others company for a change. There is so much that we all have in common in this world and we continue to focus on how we disagree instead.

For my birthday wish, "I wish we can all try to focus on what we have in common"! I bear no ill toward anyone who disagrees with me or that I disagree with. I love ALL of my fellow inhabitants of this planet that we share and am content that I made it this far when so many that I have known and loved have not.
If you bear me ill will I will say but one word, Beware!