Sunday, November 11, 2012

Family Veterans

 At my uncles funeral yesterday I learned a lot about my family that I had not realized. 

Uncle Kenny was a Marine in the Korean Conflict. He never spoke of his service to anyone.

 Uncle Darrell may he RIP was a Tank commander along one of the secret borders that we were never at in Europe and no records remain. He even got shot in the ass from a Russian Sniper as they skirmished often and I never knew it (He also never received any recognition or a purple heart as he could not have been shot if we were not there). He was buried with the bullet still in his butt and now I know why he always had a slight limp.

 My father was in the Air Force and stationed in Vietnam before the US entered the war. He was assigned to an airbase to help the French forces there at the time. The Red Cross even sent a telegram to his mom that he had been killed while in that country (Thank God that it was a mistake).

 All three brothers served their country proudly and seldom spoke about their service. I was given some photo albums yesterday I had never seen before, here is one of pages.

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