Saturday, March 9, 2013


 My last post was a month ago, the Monday following that post I went back to see Doc. BP at the office was 200/110. Unfortunately I have a very high drug tolerance and my body over time reduces the effectiveness of what I am prescribed. The good news is that I am now at maximum dosage of my two meds and BP is better than it has been in years.

Since my last post I have continued working and been very busy with compensation for my endeavors increasing. This has allowed me to increase my prepping substantially. I ordered some magazines from III Patriots which have already arrived, a 2300 Watt inverter for my solar panel setup, more freeze dried food from The Ready Store and some seeds from Bill's new Jebadiah Fisher garden seed (Link on left sidebar) that have not arrived but are due shortly. I have also acquired a few more books and guides/manuals for various topics as well as medical supplies.

 I have watched the events of the last month and like others feel the storm approaching at an increasing pace. Many like myself have reduced the amount of material posted. Some due to the fact that we are spending our time on increased prepping and others simply because they are tired of preaching to the choir. There are some new voices out there in the blog world and even one or two old ones returning. I have added some of these to my blogroll as well as changing my link list to include Wirecutter's new Patriot Swap Shop that I hope takes off. I will shop at patriot sites first and foremost as these patriots are not trying to gouge customers. I have not bought any ammo as I rightly predicted price increases however the recent run caught me completely off guard. I have never witnessed such a buy out of not just weapons but ammo and accessories as well. Some stock seems to be coming back but I refuse to pay a dollar a round for ammo right now.

 The fact that there are still lines at the local gun shops before they open is a telling tale as many wait in the cold to get their hands on any new shipments that may have arrived. Fear is growing and many more seem to be beginning to awaken from the fog towards awareness of the condition our country is in and the direction of our government. Our government has long given up on We The People for the We Are Your Masters mentality. 

 I expect the worst to come when the economy goes into its death throes. I know not what the final catalyst will be only that we cannot avoid the collapse of this economy. Half of America (and growing less daily) can not afford the continued support of the other half (also growing). Prepare as you see fit.

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