Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paying off the bills and prepping

I have been busting my butt at work lately, sorry for the lack of posts, and it has started to pay off somewhat. My last check had my monthly commission included and when I got a look at my pay voucher it was about as expected $9,980.00 Gross.  

Just for the record lets break it down to see what the gummint gets.

First lets take out the health insurance -133.64

Now for the taxes;

County                    -219.56
Federal                  -2151.00
Social Sec.               -611.72
Medicare                 -143.06
State                        -573.69

Of a nearly 10 thousand dollar payday I get very slightly over 6 thousand net. That,s right folks almost forty percent off of the top that never reaches me. And I have absolutely no say in this matter as to how much or even where it gets spent. 

Now just for fun let us consider other taxes such as sales tax, taxes on fuel, property taxes and taxes on our cell phone bills (for free phones to those who do not work) and many others. Add all of this up and we are probably paying close to HALF of our earnings in taxes and it is going to get worse.

I am ready for the reset. Do I have everything I need for this? Absolutely not, however checks like these allow me to get closer and help others as well. I have purchased more food supplies for long term storage, barter materials, tools, books, paid all bills and owe only mortgage and monthly utilities now. This was a major break for me to be able to prep as much as I have in a short period of time. I could have done a lot more if half my pay was not taken stolen away from me.

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  1. Yes un-named fellow blogger/patriots, best month I have had at this company and glad to help.