Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Facebook post today.

America, the fat lady is clearing her throat to sing.
Freedom is almost over.
It is too late to wake up now!

The morals, faith and values that I hold dear have become irrelevant in society. The cause of this is all too clear for those already awake. The useful idiots now outnumber the logically thinking individuals. Soon the two will be at war with each other in the streets. This was the plan from before most of us were born.

God help us all.

Especially the NSA and other indoctrinated government/Union employees who will be surprised when the wheel turns against them and their families as loyalty was one of the morals to evaporate.  Thump, Thump!

We did not want what is coming and each will have to do his/her best just to survive it. The fault lays on both sides one for being indoctrinated and the other for living their lives and not paying attention and acting. The new world leader will not have mercy (another moral that is gone).

Honesty, integrity, keeping your word and the Golden Rule are lost. We have chased God from our lives and the principles the Bible taught us.

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