Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Golen Rule!

Patriots need to remember this.

There will be misunderstandings, there will be judgements before all of the facts are known.

We will NEVER agree on everything.

Actions I take may piss you off, actions others take will piss me off.

I will never know all of the facts therefore I form my opinions based solely on my interactions with individuals.

Dio is a friend and the only person in the patriot movement that has taken the time to go out of his way and meet with me in person. I have always sat on the fence with the patcoms and never attended one. This man has done me no wrong and he has been true to his word with me.

I have donated quite a bit online to Zilla, Kerodin (Put me down for six as well for the raffle Sam), Wirecutter and others although most to Craig and Dio. No one asked me to do so, I did it because we are kindred spirits in the III cause.

Bill, I have bought seed from you and will continue to do so as the cause is more important and you offer a great value and excellent service.

I communicate with the community solely through this blog and have taken to posting rarely do to .gov and infighting. I do however monitor daily and it is a morning ritual for me. Today I have felt the need to express myself more.

I am just an old patriot with medical problems trying to get by and help as limited funds allow. I will not judge unless I am required to preside over a trial and able to hear all of the evidence. 

I will continue to donate as I can and intend to donate to the Texas Patcom (I lived in Tomball for seven years) if I can find the funds to do so as the premise is one that I believe strongly in.

This is just an opinion from a patriot on the outside looking in. You may form your own opinions of me as you wish however I will continue as I have throughout my life. 


  1. Much to do with communications breakdown and egos. But the line of communication has been re-established. Hopefully it will all work out...

    1. That is good to hear as there may be hope for us after all.

  2. Thank you AlanD. Dio is a friend and has never given me reason to think otherwise. I too, have donated to him and others, sorry to say, some have really disappointed, Dio is not one of those. Rusty aka wonderdawg

  3. Rusty, I do not know you but have heard about you and have seen some comments and actions from you that were very positive in nature. I debated posting your comment based on information acquired from others about racism and hate (which I do not tolerate or wish to be associated with), however we do agree that he has been true to his word with us. I do not judge but want to give fair warning. That said I thank you as well Sir.

  4. Alan, can imagine who you got the Racist crap from....I could care less about a man's color, but his character...and there are as many if not more bad characters of light skin than of other shades....having been raised in the deep south, I have used the N word, but not to denote color but a way of life, white and black...I don't care if you post any comments from me or not, to be honest, just as soon you didn't. I just wanted to thank you for defending a good doubt Dio has been the target of Bill Nye and his yes man Craig for about a year now and wrongly so IMHO.... the only egos bruised are in Texas..Rusty

    1. I agree that it is content of character that matters! And as I stated Thank you!

  5. I have no ego where the III are concerned (I am just a lowly blogger of NO importance) and only care about honest people and facts that help us to prepare for the coming hardships. We all have baggage and I do not Judge only hoping to make more friends in the community.