Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hospital turned me over to collections!

I have been paying monthly what I can afford. Yes they called me and offered to set up payment plans but as I explained I do work on some commission and will pay what I can afford.

Because I was in the hospital several times, each visit is a different account and billed separately so I would get three or four bills from them a month.

Two accounts were paid off along with the doctors, x-ray, ambulance and specialists. I still owed $1,153.00 on the account in question. I made out a check for $1000.00 on Saturday and put it in the mail.

The postman took all my mail (paid Bills) and left me two more. One from the Hospital for another account $1,240.00 and one from the collection agency for the $1,153.00.

I guess that since everyone now has wonderful (Free) healthcare we need to save up our annual deductibles for each member of our family covered.

I have paid the Hospital something ($200 - $800 per month) with all the other medical bills and I still go to collections.

The next time they call I will take the offer of a structured payment plan and start the discussion at $10.00 a month.

Most of us cannot pay $4,000.00 - $6,000.00 in one or four months.

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  1. do NOT deal with the collections agency. those "people" are not human. every time they call, explain that you have never done business with them, you will pay the money to the hospital, and continued calls will be considered harassment.
    if they don't get the message, call your lawyer( (or find one who will work pro bono) and have him send threatening letters.
    either way, don't send one dime to anyone except the hospital.