Sunday, January 29, 2012

Additional preps

 I am worried that TPTB are escalating faster than I expected. From what I have been following I believe I need to step up the preps as fast as I can.

I went to Sam's this morning and purchased 2 twenty five pound bags of flour and two twenty five pound bags of rice. I have been purchasing 5 Gallon buckets at Lowes that are actually food grade (I checked the manufacturers website). However I also purchased seal-able bucket liners with Oxygen Absorbers to add an additional barrier and prolong storage. I have already used these buckets for storing water See Previous Post Here.

 On a side note K did not question these purchases when I brought them in the house. This may be because I am sick, feel like shit, sound congested and she feels sorry for me or she is finally listening and coming around. I am not going to try to find out and just accept it as is.

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