Monday, January 2, 2012

I went to a new range today!

 I have not had the opportunity to shoot the AR since adding the scope and bi-pod. It took a quite a few rounds to learn to adjust the scope but finally got it centered. The new facility was nice however you could not shoot a handgun in the rifle range nor a rifle in the handgun range so after waiting an hour for a lane to open we decided on rifle range only. The place was packed almost standing room only they even opened up their classroom for people to sit and wait. The young lady that signed us in stated that it has been this busy pretty much every day since about two weeks before Christmas.

 My nephew wanted and got a Mosin–Nagant for Christmas so we took him to the range to try it out. Here he is firing the AR with the new scope and bi-pod. He is a really good shot already having gone through ROTC at his high school. He displayed very good gun safety techniques and respected all the weapons properly, his "Uncle" watched closely and did not have to correct him once. I was very proud of him.

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