Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Start!

 I helped a neighbor move a bunch of his recently passed ex-wife's furniture today. We actually went to grade school together and have been on good terms for 15 years when they moved in across the street. He offered to pay for gas which I declined, he then offered a 12 pack and again I declined. I told him I would ask for a favor in return later.

As I carried furniture into his house through the kitchen and into his basement I took stock of what was there. Absolutely NO preps of any kind for anything. I plan on waiting a week and giving him a copy of  $5 a Week Food Prep Plan (see post below) and telling him that in a disaster we can both help others. This is my request for the favor you said you owed me, do what you can to stock up. Rotate and use what you buy, I will help show you how if you want. You owe this to your kids and I request this as a returned favor. May be by doing this I can guide him into thinking a little more about the possibilities/probabilities that exist today.

We will see how it goes. I told DIO I would try.

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