Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am in trouble help me please!

I started the baked potatoes on the grill and got a little irritated at the Mexican music coming from the apartments behind me in the building to the left. It had been going on for about an hour so I called LEO. Forty five minutes later I started the steaks and it was still going on. Several minutes later the apartment directly behind me started playing music out the window to combat the Mexican music. I called LEO back and told them that there was now a battle of Mexican verses African American music between two apartment buildings behind my house. This time within ten minutes the LEO's showed up, in the meantime the Mexicans heard the other music and got smart and shut theirs off. The officer that showed up called out to who had called and I responded from my back yard. He heard the music still being played from the window of the apartments directly behind my house and after (fucking marking me) directly advised the "individual to cut that sh*t out". And all the music was stopped.  It was now quiet and I could get back to my the steaks. K's steak was now overcooked and I have still not heard the end of it as she was REALLY looking forward to something we have not been able to afford in a while!

Fu*k me running, and fuck TPTB. As much as I try I am always thwarted in achieving my goal by powers outside my control. 

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  1. Move! I was surrounded by them in Garden Grove (Should have gotten a place in Westminster, Little Saigon) and everyone was polite, but thought nothing of playing their stereos at maximum. I use to take my speakers and put them against the wall of the offending condo, but I don't think they ever got it. Once someone came and complained at the door of an offender and the girl said, "Why are you complaining, as I'm not playing it in your place!":)