Saturday, March 3, 2012

This weeks preps!

Been a Very Long, Busy, week at work. One of my tax checks came in so I deposited it this week. The last two days have been hectic weather-wise although not the Storms I was talking about it was very bad around here. I traveled down to Campbellsville yesterday morning on Interstate 65 going about 22 mph with my flashers on because I could not see more that about 25 feet in front of me due to wind and HEAVY rain. As I passed through Hodgensville I saw a warehouse completely destroyed by a tornado on Thursday (I took some video as I was driving by and will post if I can figure out how to get it off the phone). The weather service was predicting a worse round of storms that afternoon. Luckily I made it home about a half hour before they hit Louisville. The worst to the north and south of us. K was already in the basement with the preps which we fortunately did not need this time. Indiana just north was VERY hard hit (condolences to those who lost loved ones). We were extremely fortunate this time.

Today I got outside early and began to work as I cleared some weeds from the fence line around the garden  and turned over the shredded  leaves I had heaped over it. I also cut down a 5 inch diameter limb from a crab apple tree that was hanging over my shed (Tree was dying and this was the last big branch). After this I pulled the dead battery from K's John Deere LA125 mower and replaced it with a new one. While I was at Lowes getting the new battery I also picked up 4 more 5 gallon buckets for all the rice, sugar, flour and beans that I got from Sam's a while back. 

After I got the JD backed out of the shed I had room to get to the garden supplies I purchased earlier so I spread the 10-10-10 fertilizer and garden lime on the garden. Hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend and I can till it under.

 Next I went to AutoZone with a $20 Off purchase over $100 coupon and bought the following;
  • 4 way lug wrench
  • 2 1/2 ton jack in plastic case
  • Marine battery
 The wrench and jack are for the 68 chevy that did not have any when I bought it.

The battery was for my original Solar Panels that I have powering my shed. This makes three batteries in parallel now for higher AmpHours.

Lastly today I went to K Rogers to get K's meds refill and purchased two $10 T-Bone steaks and some very large baking potatoes to celebrate being alive for now. I will be firing up the grill in about 45 minutes.

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