Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Philly this week!

I have been in Philly this week at a training session for one of my companies products. I did not want to be so far from home however I have to earn a living and this was mandatory.

 I have met many individuals this week that have NO clue as to the possible future. It is truly amazing that the American people as a whole have no idea of the liberties they have/are giving up nor the impossible direction that this country headed.

 The individuals that I have met at this training are so concerned about making a sale that their focus is either solely on this or a combination with sports and family function. They do not understand what rights and privilege has been taken from them and are concerned only with the here and now.

 After hitting the bar tonight a conversation I had with a hotel employee as I was outside smoking turned to politics and he asked what party I favored. I responded the party of III Percent Patriots. This seemed to intrigue him so I spent a while explaining what was actually going on in this country to him. If I could help one person to inform his/her self in this trip then I consider this a bonus worth the trip in itself.

 I informed this individual of the need for prepping and told this person of my preparations and plans and that he/she should research outside of the MSM and based on the information found develop their own opinion. I gave this person about 20-30 things to research on the internet on his/her own including this blog and asked that they used the provided links to get more information.

 I do not know if I helped to lead this person to begin their own personal search for the truth however I am content that that I was able to have someone listen and express an interest in researching the III % point of view.  

 I will get in the hotel bed tonight more content tonight knowing someone at least seemed to listen. I have one more day of class here and will post again after I return.

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  1. When I try to talk to people about what's happening their eyes glaze over and they try to change the subject. That's when I take my leave. I don't suffer fools... Good to know some people are willing to listen.