Thursday, November 15, 2012


 I met someone today that I respected but have never seen in person. It was a good meeting and I am pleased. I feel better about some of the "Community" and I am now more open to getting more involved than I have ever been. I do not know if this person monitors my blog however I would like to say a special "Thank You " for your time as I enjoyed our conversation. Even though it was guarded from both sides it was enough to make me comfortable as we agreed on many issues.

 I am very suspicious by nature and training and although I believe that this was displayed on both sides there was a comfort level that was acquired. To me my word is my bond and my integrity is all I truly own that cannot be taken from me unless I choose to give it away. I have not chosen this in my adult life as it is my most prized possession.

 If this will pan out I do not know however I feel that I must reach out to like minded individuals to see if I can make some new true friends. People that you can count on to watch your back, and you theirs are extremely rare these days!

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  1. Indeed they are. True friends are as rare as hen's teeth. But they don't have to be. :)