Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now is the time!

 We have just passed the last fork in the road that may have delayed our fiscal doom. TPTB will now be much more unrestrained in their quest to destroy our economy. Goodbye coal, good bye cheap goods and services. Gather your assets close to you and prepare as this will probably start slowly at first but happen none the less!

 Watch for business to continue to withhold capital, and more to close as they have been waiting to see if our path would alter. Many will decide that it is no longer worth trying when most of what they earns will support those that do not earn. Costs will continue to rise as our economy steeps into further decline. I for one am glad that the waiting time has been reduced. And will watch with glee as the MSM continue to shout "ALL IS WELL".

 Winter is upon us and the storms are approaching. Do what you can to survive folks. Who know how bad it will really get?

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