Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama awakes from a dream

Obama is alone in his bed when he awakes to an apparition and realizes it is none other than George Washington.

Obama hears George say "you must help this country". Obama asks him "George how can I help this country?" George responds " You must treat everyone equally and respect the liberties of others" and then he fades.

Obama awakes again later and before him he sees Thomas Jefferson and asks him "Tom how can I help this country?". Thomas Jefferson responds "Follow and Protect the constitution as written" and then he also fades away.

The third time Obama awakes there is none other than the Great Abraham Lincoln before him. Obama having the most in common with Lincoln pleads "Abe how can I help this country?". Abraham studies Obama for a minute and states "The best advice I can give you at  this time is to go to the theater!".  

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