Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The III and the silent

Kerodin has requested that those of that are silent show support in a post. I am NOT involved in any of the Citadel proceedings, have never attended a PATCON and lately have not been in contact with anyone in the community. No comments, no emails and no discussions period.

 I linked Sipsey a year or so ago after visiting and reading a few articles that I agreed with. I almost never visit now. However after Kerodin's request I went there to see what all the hoopla was about and yes I even went to the comments (Is everyone there anonymous?). Why? The III sites are not filled with these in the comments. Yes there are a few but they tend to be respectful. I will not comment at Sipsey as it will surely lead to an attack on my opinions at some point so why bother.

 I have purchased III gear, posted III links on this blog and occasionally had conversations with a few of you. The III have let me be and never personally requested anything from me being content that I promote what little I can on my own.

 I have watched Bill's rants and checked his links not putting everything together fully on just who he was railing against. The man does his research though a little rough for my tastes. I have no dog in this brew-ha. With this exception I have found that all of the three respect each other to some degree and do not spew forth the attacks that you find at Sipsey. This tells me much in itself not knowing the details or the individuals personally.

 What I will say is that I am happy with my three gear was treated well by just about everyone with III on their sites. I think that James Wesley, Rawles did not do his due diligence before posting and I support the III as I can on my own. Am I going to the redoubt? No but I support those that choose that path as it was a free country for us to choose what is best for us as individuals.

 I am posting this as a show of support, not because of any personal request, to Kerodin and the many in the III community. Even thought silent we who consider ourselves part of the III are waiting and watching. We will support as we are able in the coming storm.


  1. Very well said, sir. Like you, I have no dog in the hunt, but I think they are doing good things.

  2. Thank Craig! I also agree that they are "doing good things" and have respect for that.

  3. Kid`s arguing again about who peed in the sandbox ?.I thought these two went thru all this same ol shit once. I don`t want to be around any of them WTSHTF . My guy`s will have all the steel out going. W. Russell.

  4. Alan,same here! P.S. hope ya don't mind I am wallpapering the petition.

    Please sign it folks we need ya!



  5. A little late getting here, I just installed Opera as my browser and redid all my bookmarks. Whattya know, now I can find stuff!
    Anyways, I have to agree with a lot of what you said although I will say that I think Bill is a stand up guy. I was the first one to ever link to him and put him on my blogroll. I have never had a reason to reconsider that decision.
    Sipsey and crew can kiss my ass though, enough said there.
    As for the III, I have also been watching and pretty much keeping my own council. I do support them and their cause and wish them success.

    I think Craig and China can vouch for me if necessary.