Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moral Worth?

 What are your morals? Are they in line with mine? I was taught from an early age age that there is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. If I wanted to EARN a living then would have to use my mind and muscles. These morals or ethics also instills a sense of accomplishment, pride in your work, integrity and a desire to learn and do more making one happier in life.

These used to be the morals of the majority of American workers. Below are two paragraphs taken from the article linked at the bottom of this post. They describe in words I could not a point I was trying to make.  

 "The United States has gone from a country that made for-profit jobs to a country that makes non-profit jobs paid for by the people who still work for-profit jobs. The transition is rapidly bankrupting the country on a municipal, statewide and national level. The Occupiers cheerfully brandished signs that declared, “One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich.” More accurately the poor one day will have nothing left to eat but social workers. And the rich will be running companies contracting multilingual translations for hunger outreach services."

 "The first casualties of an economy that rewards Barnard grads who want to save the world, but punishes men who dig out pools are the latter. The next group hardest hit are the middle class who are squeezed out by high taxes and economic uncertainty. These are the people on whose backs the non-profit state rests. And they are its natural enemies. The progressives hate the middle class and the sense of property and security that it represents, and yet they depend on it. Like a parasite they kill the host and destroy themselves in the bargain."


Making the World a Better Place

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